About Us

Since 1992, I have represented folks with Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Automobile accidents and Personal Injury cases. Our office is located in Roswell, Georgia. We make house calls on new clients so we are able to handle cases throughout Georgia.


In 1984, I was seriously injured on my job. The injury resulted in me having major back surgery. Following the surgery, I was unable to continue my job as a construction supervisor. During my workers’ comp case, I never thought to speak to an attorney. Ultimately, I lost benefits I was entitled to.

That experience led me to become an attorney and to dedicate my practice to helping injured folks. Initially, I concentrated on Workers’ Compensation claims. Over the years my practice grew. Now my firm represents injured folks in various claims, including Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and Automobile/Trucking accidents.

Because of my past, I believe my firm offers a unique insight to representation that no other firm can match. As they say, ” I’ve walked in your shoes”, so when a client calls about a case, I personally take the call to make sure questions are answered and legal rights explained. I require my staff to return client phone calls within 24 hours. I personally oversee every case in my office.

My pledge to you is honest representation and hard work so you get the cash and benefits you deserve. I know what it’s like to be injured.

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