Am I eligible for disability benefits?

Most folks want to know what their chances are of getting disability benefits. There are a lot of factors that are considered when deciding if someone gets benefits or not. Social Security considers age, education, work background and the nature of your disability that keeps you from working. Your impairment must be “severe” and have lasted or expected to last at least 12 months.

Statistically, according to Associate Social Security Commissioner Arthur Spencer, only 33% of initial claims are allowed. Claims that are denied at application are then appealed and “reconsidered”. About 9.5% of cases are granted at this stage. dns information . domain name owner . Next is the Court hearing.

Some Judges only award 20% of their cases. Some award 80%. For 2013, a little less than 50% of claims were granted at the Hearing level.
Contrary to what you hear and see on the news, trying to get Social Security Benefits is not as easy as just applying and waiting for a check to arrive. As you can see, it’s much harder to get Social Security Disability than most people think.

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