How can an attorney help with my Social Security case?

If you have been denied your Social Security Benefits, you should speak to an attorney. An experienced Social Security attorney can help in several ways. First, your attorney should help in developing medical evidence. This includes gathering medical reports and making sure the Judge has the reports to aid in deciding your case. Second, hiring an attorney will give you an advocate in the court room. Several theories of disability may be presented to the Judge which give the Judge more ways to find you disabled and rule in your favor. Your attorney should inform you on how the court proceeding will take place and what to expect. Third, an attorney can explain the disability process so that you understand where your claim is and how it is progressing. This is very important because most Social Security claims take months and sometimes years and the frustration with the system can be a lot to deal with on your on.

There are many other reasons to contact an attorney if your benefits have been denied. These will be discussed later. But do keep in mind that you have 60 days to appeal a denial. So if you are denied and you think you may want to speak with an attorney, don’t delay!

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