Injured on my job. What do I do first?

If you are injured while working at your job, you need to report the injury as soon as possible to your supervisor. Georgia law requires that notice of an injury be given to the employer within 30 days (although there are a few exceptions to this rule). In my practice, I’ve noticed that the cases which are denied most often because of “notice” are those cases where a worker is injured one day and reports it the next. Even worse is when someone gets hurt on Friday and reports the injury on Monday morning. I see this all the time where someone gets hurt on Friday and thinks they will rest over the weekend and feel better on Monday. But when you are still hurting on Monday, it can present a problem. This time gap gives the employer and their insurer the argument of “how do we know the injury didn’t happen over the weekend?”. ask ausiello . Although we usually are able to secure benefits for our clients who are in this situation, it takes time and often filing for a hearing in court. Don’t take chances. apache web server If you are hurt, report it. Get the medical attention you need.

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